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Inspire, Educate, Empower
Despite the affirmative action policies in Uganda aimed at including women in democratic processes, there have been lesser and lesser meaningful engagement in key decision making by the day. Women especially the young lack the technical skills, information, exposure and dedicated mentors to become effective leaders. Government has set policies to ensure inclusion however, due to political inequality and rigid societal norms, a woman’s role is still considered secondary to that of a man hence the inequality. Also, majority of the women in Uganda are economically dependent on men making it close to impossible to ensure their independence, they are viewed as subjects rather than partners.
That’s why the RNF seeks to break the status-quo by creating an equalised environment under the principle of equity between women and men through peaceful & transformative means. Therefore, the Foundation was formed under the inspiration of Honourable Rose Namayanja who has defied odds and gender definitions of society, her life as a leader from students and youth politics at village level to in mainstream key decision-making processes right from her teen years to-date. Pushing forward the values and principles that stand for equality-equity for all.

A Place For You

We are a women-led and focused non-governmental and non-profit organization with a kin interest in facilitating the empowerment of young people.

Namayanja Rose Nsereko

Namayanja Rose Nsereko

Founder & Director

Namayanja Rose Nsereko personifies a relentless and selfless desire to impact the lives of youth, women and the less privileged members of our society. Her desire to uplift others is motivated by her life story where as a child, growing up in a war ravaged area and a poverty stricken family, she was able to defy the odds through hard work and support from others.

0 Bursaries Provided
We have enrolled over 200 students under our education bursary programme
0 Biddabugya Beneficiaries
We expanded Biddabugya Health Center IV serving over 5000 people in Nakaseke
0 Micro-Enterprises Created
Trained over 150 young women and girls in business skills and entrepreneurship
0 Youth Leaders
In Governance and leadership, we have impacted over 500 young people through the Youth Parliaments

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“Serving the Community, For the Greater Good

” By creating programs and initiatives that are youth and women cen-tered, and acknowledging and enhancing their abilities we aim to em-power the girl child to have a fair chance at success in a competitive environment”-

Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko

Founder & Director