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Our founder and director, Rt Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko, has rallied parents to invest in the education of their children as a way of building and securing their future.

While speaking at the St. Lawrence Schools’ 26th, 27th, and 28th annual expo 2022, where she was Chief Guest, Rt Hon Namayanja explained that equipping children with knowledge and skills was akin to insuring their future against failure.

“I want to thank you parents for entrusting these schools with your children. You are the ones on whose shoulders these schools are standing. Continue with that for it is the only gift we can give to our children, a shot at education,” Rt Hon Namayanja said.

Namayanja further called on the students to prioritize their education and to have goals in life.

“Whatever level of education you are at, think of what you want to become and keep your eyes on that goal.” “Where you are, we were. You are coming to where we are. Our responsibility is to prepare you for where we are,” she said.

She thanked the school administration of the St. Lawrence Schools for organizing the activities that were “beautifully” exhibited by the students, something she said would positively impact the lives of the students in the future. She then commended the school director and her team for maintaining the institution’s vision and mission despite the untimely death of the school’s vision bearer.

“Having a vision bearer is one thing, but when he is no more, maintaining the vision is the biggest challenge, but I want to thank you so much for holding the fort and for keeping the candle lit,” Namayanja added.

The ‘St. Lawrence Schools’ annual multi show’ is a school event marked with a range of activities, including exhibitions where students showcase various skills ranging from music, dance, poetry, and the goose march.

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