What we do

We promote socio- economic transformation through creating platforms/ environment for  good education, healthy communities, focused leadership and business entrepreneurship .

The foundation works to promote the education for the girl child especially by keeping them in school. We seek to lessen factors that cause gender gaps that keep young girls from achieving quality education and equal opportunities.

We do this through;

Providing Bursaries: we identify and provide direct support to bright but financially disadvantaged students from primary to tertiary level.

Promote Academic excellence: The foundation improves academic excellence through creating competition among primary schools where a trophy and a bull is awarded to the best performing UPE School in Primary Leaving Examinations.

The foundation further supplies ‘’PASS PLE’’ newspaper pull-outs to help students catch up on their revision and improve their general academic performance.

Developing School infrastructure: through our partners, Nakaseke District has so far received four (4) fully constructed schools and in every constructed school, Rose Namayanja foundation has provided support in form of desks.

Career guidance and inspirational talks in secondary schools for both teachers and students to help students make the right career choices beyond that level.

The foundation organises and coordinates medical camps, donates medical equipment to health service facilities and organises and participates in targeted health campaigns to ensure that quality health services are provided to the community and or brought closer to the people.

Currently we are, together with the local community, funding the construction of extension facilities at Biddabugya Health Centre III in Kasangombe, Nakaseke District. The Foundation further intends to extend Sexual Reproductive Health Services to the communities in which it is operating.

The foundation organises, coordinates and supports mentorship programs targeting young people within leadership, specially focusing on young women. We facilitate and coordinate debates amongst peers and intergenerational discourse on topical issues and provide skills training for young people for example in public speaking.
The foundation provides skills training on selected enterprises such as agriculture, brick laying, poultry farming among others to enable the people in these fields have a better understanding of their activity and hence increase productivity and income.

The foundation also provides agricultural equipment such as spray pumps, hoes, irrigation kits to selected farmers/farming groups to help them increase the quality and quantity of their produce. The foundation has so far provided agricultural equipment to nine farmers groups from Semuto Town Council and Semuto Sub County in Nakaseke District.

The foundation further organises and coordinates exchange visits for its beneficiaries in their respective economic activities where they share on challenges, experiences and information on methods that have worked for each of them. This serves as a form of encouragement as well as a learning experience for the beneficiaries.

We provide other tool of trade to other groups or members in selected economic activities. The foundation for example supports groups of bricklayers, women who bind books and several other economic activities.  

We provide quality and genuine seeds, pesticides and herbicides for farming groups accompanied with knowledge on how and when to use them which helps maximise output for the farmers and increase their income.

What We Believe In

  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunities for all
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Independence of Mind