Parents urged to prioritize the education of their children

lengrnf Uncategorized August 22, 2019

While addressing parents of Ssakabusolo Primary School in Nakaseke district, Mr. Denis Lindo a consultant and friend to
the foundation, called on the parents to motivate their children to study in order for them to be able to harvest the fruits of education in

“Education is the only way we can equip our children to strive in this competitive world. Let us encourage our
children to attend school and help them achieve their dreams.” Lindo said.

Mr. Lindo made the call earlier this week during an impromptu visit made to the school.

He also urged the parents not to limit the education process of their children to the classrooms, this he said
will enhance their children’s desire and ability to learn.

“While the classroom will likely be the primary source of instruction, intellectual, social and academic growth
should extend outside the walls of the classroom.” He added. 

Ssakabusolo Primary School is one of the beneficiary schools that have reaped from the various partnerships the
foundation has had with various stakeholders i.e Building Tomorrow & Rotary Club of Ntinda, in the construction of schools in the district.

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