Namayanja Shares Valuable Advice for Success at Standard High School Thanksgiving Ceremony

lengrnf Education February 18, 2023

The Rose Namayanja Foundation founder and director, Rt. Hon. Namayanja Rose Nsereko, shared valuable advice on how to succeed in life during a recent speech at the thanksgiving ceremony of Standard High School, Kapeeka. The ceremony was held to honour God for the students’ success in the recently concluded senior four exams.

In her speech, Rt Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko emphasized the importance of perseverance in achieving success, no matter the situation. She urged the students to believe in themselves, emphasizing that self-confidence is essential in achieving one’s goals.

“I want you to know that you have all it takes to succeed in life no-matter the present situation. your current environment should not hinder you from striving but rather be a driving force for you to push harder,” Namayanja said.

The philanthropist also highlighted the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences, as one’s environment plays a significant role in success. She advised the students to distance themselves from negativity and to cultivate self-restraint, avoiding distractions such as drugs and sexual relations.

Rt Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko stressed the value of education in achieving success, reminding the students that they are the first beneficiaries of their success. She encouraged them to make the most of their education and apply it to their lives.

The philanthropist also spoke against ungodly acts, such as homosexuality, and urged the students to be who they were meant to be in God’s image.

Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko’s advice is valuable for anyone striving for success. By persevering through tough times, believing in themselves, surrounding themselves with positivity, practicing self-restraint, and valuing education, the students can create a bright future for themselves.

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