The youth need to have self-belief and take on challenges so as to be successful in this competitive world, Hon Rose Namayanja Nsereko Founder of the Rose Namayanja Foundation has said.

Speaking during the 7th edition of the Annual National Youth Festival at Makerere University freedom square in Kampala, Namayanja urged the youth to build their self confidence that would in turn propel them to reach their full potential.

“Don’t let challenges be the cause of despair but turn that into production. Whatever you’re doing will create change. Don’t worry about it being small, just continue.” Hon Namayanja said
She further called on them to set goals and always strive to be the best in whatever they set their minds on.

“If you don’t have a target, then you can shoot anywhere, goal setting is very important. Set realistic goals and avoid being part of the crowd. If it’s a class or at work, let everyone know that there is this person through your great performance, she said.

On the use of social media, Namayanja encouraged the youth to use the networking platform for the right reasons that can lift their thinking and broaden their knowledge.

” I am not one of the people who will castigate the use of social media. Social media is the in-thing right now but how are you using it? Do you know you can use it for good reasons?” she questioned.

She cited that as a poultry farmer, she used social media to acquire some of the equipment used at her farm, further appealing to the youth to always use the platform for progress.

Namayanja thanked the festival partners for their input in making the occasion a success and pledged on behalf of the foundation to support similar initiatives that bring the youth together for developmental purposes.

“We came here to support and participate in this initiative to add a brick to what the government is doing in changing the lives of the youth and bringing them together. As a foundation, we are trying to use opportunities we have got to get support from elsewhere and use it to empower the youth regardless of their ethnic, religious or political affiliations.” Namayanja elaborated.

She urged the event organizers to consider making the festival a week-long event in order to capture the different issues raised from the different regions of the country.

“The National event should be a culmination of the regional open spaces. Its important to capture the issues raised at the smaller levels because decisions are made at the lower level.” She said.

The Annual National Youth Festival is a multi-stakeholder platform where thousands of young people and youth focused stakeholders converge to celebrate across age and diversity, youth energies, potentials and innovativeness.

The festival ran under the theme; Focusing on Youth Rights, Employment and Peace