Residents of Kasangombe Sub County in Nakaseke district have been lauded for supporting the construction of a Health Centre III extension facility through donating land and offering financial support to the project.

While engaging locals in a discussion aimed at joining forces in order to complete the construction works, Rev Fr Mbalire Emmanuel the Executive Director of UDCCF commended the community for contributing towards the initiative that does not only improve their health standards but also helps in bringing quality health services closer. The project is being supported by the Rose Namayanja Foundation together with Uganda’s Development Community Caring Friends (UDCCF).

“I would like to thank you for welcoming us and allowing us to work together with you. Today we have come to join you not only to inspect and see how far the construction works have prevailed, but to also thank you the community for supporting the project to help it reach this level,” Rev Fr Mbalire said.

The Rose Namayanja Foundation together with partners UDCCF, had joined the locals in touring and inspecting the construction works.

Rev Fr Mbalire thanked the Rose Namayanja Foundation for its great work in transforming the health of the community through extending better health services and further applauded the great partnership with UDCCF that has yielded fruits such as construction of the health extension facility.

“I would like to thank the Rose Namayanja Foundation team for allowing us work together and ensure that better health services are brought closer to the community,” he added.

Ms. Maria Muyonjo, the Rose Namanyanja Foundation said that the partnership will go a long way in speeding up the construction works and further pledged to continue inspecting and engaging both the community and the construction personnel until the project is complete.

Mr. Makande James the LCIII Chairman thanked the community for contributing towards the construction project and in a special way thanked Hon Rose Namayanja Nsereko for the support rendered towards the project.

“We are very happy with the way the construction works are going on. We are heading in the right direction and are pleased with Rose Namayanja Foundation works for not only doing things that benefit individuals but the entire community, we pledge to offer all the support required.” He said.