The youth have been called upon to embrace agricultural production as a means to uplifting their socio-economic status.

Speaking during a youth dialogue held at Fairway Hotel in Kampala, Hon Rose Namayanja Nsereko, founder of the Rose Namayanja Foundation called on the youth to shun the mentality that farming was a reserve for the uneducated.

“The mentality that farming is for less-educated should stop. There are a lot of corporate people gaining from agriculture, but you the youth are shunning the sector yet it’s very profitable.” Hon Namayanja said.

The dialogue organized by the Rose Namayanja Foundation in partnership with Uganda’s Development Community Caring Friends (UDCCF), ran under the theme; “The role of young people in the socio economic transformation of Uganda.” A number of youths from various universities across the country attended the dialogue.

Namayanja also encouraged the youth to always strive for excellence in which ever venture they choose to undertake.

“I beseech you to always stand out of the crowd. There is a lot of competition within the 95% of the people who stay within the crowd. Be known in whatever field you are,” She said.

On the use of social media, Namayanja appealed to the youth to use the various social platforms in a way that will make a positive contribution to both their lives and the communities they reside. She discouraged them from engaging in timewasting social interactions that only act as a liability.

“I want to appeal to you to be hungry for information. I myself I encourage the use of social media but how are you using it? Let’s use social media for personal development. So, I encourage the youth to use social media for the right reasons, engaging in groups that add value to you.  Social media if used well can act as the source of right information that can change someone’s mindset.” She explained.

She urged them to avoid wasting time on non-resourceful ventures but instead work hard towards achieving their dreams.

“Start small and work towards becoming bigger in your endeavors. There is no government that will move door to door dishing out money, you therefore have to work hard,” Namayanja added.

On his part, Rev Fr Mbalire Emmanuel, founder of UDCCF challenged the youth to have faith in themselves if they are to achieve their goals. He urged them to focus their energies towards personal development as a way of uplifting their skills in preparation for new challenges that lie ahead.

The Rose Namayanja foundation continues to organize, coordinate and support mentorship and inspiration programs targeting young people within leadership.