The youth need to engage in productive activities that will empower them with skills in order to prepare for the future, seasoned education consultant Fagil Mandy has advised.

While addressing students during the annual End of Year Education Beneficiaries meeting held at Hotel Networth in Wobulenzi, Luwero district, Mandy appealed to the students to learn how to work early in life in order to prepare for time after school.

“Engage in income generating activities to acquire skills that will help you in the future. Do not despise any job, remember that you are after skill acquisition,” Fagil Mandy said.

Mandy further urged parents to encourage their children join them while going about their daily activities in order to instill in them a ‘working’ culture that will enable them prepare for the future.

“Parents nowadays are focused on preparing for their children instead of preparing their children for the future,” he added.

He called on the students to work hard in their studies and to also make friends who will help them succeed in life.

“Once you are lazy in life, you will always be a failure. The foundation has helped to bring you to this forum in order to show you that you can succeed in life. You should now learn how to stand on your own.” Fagil said.

On her part, our director Hon Rose Namayanja Nsereko appealed to the students to strive for excellence in whatever they put their minds to.

“Don’t let your mindset suppress your success. You can be the first in whatever you set your mind on,” she said.

She further urged them to use their challenges as a stepping stone towards achieving success.

The event that was attended by a number of participants including the Nakaseke District Inspector of Schools- Kalema Kayemba, was aimed at reviewing both the academic and social progress of student beneficiaries under the Rose Namayanja Foundation, and to also prepare them for the coming year.