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From Mugomola, Semuto Town Council, under the leadership of Kaddu Francis this group specialises in horticulture for food and income. They pick the best of their produce for sale to Nakasero market in Kampala and keep the rest for food. They grow pumpkin, cabbage, tomatoes, eggplant and green pepper.

They are challenged by the low quality of farming equipment, duplicated pesticides, herbicides and seeds as well as transport costs for their commodities.

Also from Mugomola in Semuto Town Council, led by Ssozi Charles this group also depends majorly on Horticulture for income and basic survival. They also grow pumpkin, cabbage, tomatoes, eggplant and green pepper.  They share challenges with all farming groups.
This a group of 20, clay brick layers and part time farmers from Wabikookoma, Semuto Town Council. This group is led by Ddiba Fred. They grow, maize, beans, tomatoes and rear a few animals such as chicken and goats as well.
The Semuto Market vendors are a group of 38 farmers practicing horticulture and own stalls at the Semuto market where they sell their produce.
This is a group of women from Semuto Town Council- Transformer who carry out various economic activities such as market vending, horticulture as well as making hand crafts such as baskets, mats and bags. The group has 27 members.
These are 30 trained voluntary health workers from Segalye, Semuto Sub county that decided to bind counter books for an income. They are led by Muyingo Anthony from Semuto Sub County.
This is a group of forty (40) young people from Kirema, Semuto Sub County who primarily survive on horticulture for income and basic survival.
From Semuto Town Council, Katale zone, this group has 125 members. They are majorly farmers that have also ventured into small time events management. They provide tents and chairs for hire.
A group of 50 members from Kyoga Semuto Sub County, majorly brick layers but also practicing some agriculture on a small scale.